Child Advocacy Program

The Child Advocacy Program is Chrysalis Domestic Violence service’s primary mode of advocacy for the children and families we serve. Chrysalis Domestic Violence Services understands that exposure to Domestic Violence can have profound effects on individuals that can follow them throughout the life course. Many children and families carry the secret of Domestic Violence with them for years; silently struggling with the confusion and pain it brings them. Through our Child Advocacy Program, Chrysalis Domestic Violence Services seeks to provide much needed support to those families, and to break the silence that so many carry with them. The Child Advocacy Program achieves these goals by educating youth and families on the effects of Domestic Violence, providing strengths based, trauma informed advocacy through our Shelter, Transitional Living, and Community programs, and promoting healthy relationships based on the ideas of equality and respect.


Supportive Counseling

  • Chrysalis Domestic Violence Services believes parenting isn’t easy in the best of situations, and becomes more complicated when Domestic Violence is added to the equation. Using a trauma informed approach to advocacy, the Child Advocacy Program helps caregivers see how Domestic Violence has affected their own lives, the lives of their children, and the dynamic of their families. The Child Advocacy program offers supportive counseling to caregivers to empower them to be the best role models and providers they can be for their families.
  • Youth receive the same services as adults through the Child Advocacy Program. We know that Domestic Violence can be confusing, and challenges the abilities of those exposed to it to cope. The Child advocacy Program offers supportive counseling in an effort to educate youth on the effects of Domestic Violence in a empathetic and age appropriate manner.


Family and Individual Advocacy

  • Chrysalis Domestic Violence Services believes every family holds a resiliency and strength that has keeps them going through all they have experienced. The Child Advocacy Program seeks to help families realize that strength, foster that resiliency, and grow to their fullest potential.
  • Advocacy services are available to Youth as well as Adults. Through the Child Advocacy Program, youth can find support and understanding around their unique experience of Domestic Violence, and receive the opportunity to grow they deserve.

Promoting Healthy Relationships

Groups and Opportunities

  • Experiencing Domestic Violence shows a paradigm of control and abuse that can lead to unhealthy relationships if left unchallenged. Through the Child Advocacy Program, Chrysalis Domestic Violence Services offers supportive groups for Youth and Teens that demonstrates positive peer interactions. Groups focus on positive relationship ideals such as patience, understanding, equality, and support. Group activities are meant to be engaging and educational, in an effort to return a sense of safety and fun to the lives of members and their families.
  • Outside of Chrysalis, the Child Advocacy Program communicates with outside agencies in an effort to provide supportive contact with the larger community. Outings, events, and activities show Youth and Families that they can have safe, positive interactions with others free from abuse.

The Child Advocacy Program strives to provide Children and Families with the support they deserve. While Domestic Violence still impacts the lives of many in our communities, we believe that through education and advocacy families can be free of the shackles of abuse. No family needs to suffer, help is available.