Civil Advocacy

Civil Legal Advocacy Services are provided to domestic violence victims navigating through the civil/legal system. Services for victims include support and advocacy in the civil court system to get the protection the victim may need to be safe. Advocate will help provide victim with information about protective orders and assist with restraining orders. The advocate will be able to provide more comprehensive, knowledgeable services to victim in regards to their civil legal needs. The Civil Legal Advocate will ensure that the victims receive adequate time and attention in the court, including accompaniment/support. The advocate will also provide information about civil and legal court proceedings, explore options with the victim to enhance their safety and design and implement safety plans. Chrysalis’ Civil Legal advocate will work collaboratively with Chrysalis’ domestic violence shelter, the FVVA and other community resources to overlap in services and to ensure all victims of violence and their children are properly supported on their needs in the court system and in the community.

Advocacy services include but are not limited to:

  • Information, emotional support and on-going services throughout the court process and proceedings;
  • Information about protective orders and assistance with restraining order applications;
  • Counseling, including support in designing and implementing safety plans;
  • Referrals to domestic violence shelter and other support services;
  • Referrals to appropriate community based and state agencies for services (including legal assistance);
  • Referrals to services for children of victim;
  • Information and assistance with divorce and custody matters;
  • Information and assistance regarding the application for criminal injuries compensation or for temporary financial relief; and,
  • Information and assistance with the application for Connecticut’s Address Confidentiality Program.