Real Strength


Real Strength is Chrysalis’ primary prevention program which challenges men and boys to end violence before it starts. Real Strength is an opportunity for men and boys to help end violence against women. For too long women have carried the burden of preventing their own sexual assaults and preventing their own domestic violence abuse. Real Strength changes the conversation and shifts the paradigm by creating leaders and mentors that can help change the culture of violence against women. Real Strength is a call to action which has been built on the pillars of nonviolence, being an active bystander, promoting healthy relationships through ideas of healthy masculinity and men working with women as allies who help build strong families and healthy communities.


“Real Strength” enhances leadership in men/boys by adhering to these FOUR PILLARS:

Commitment to Non-Violence

“Real Strength” believes that violence is never a solution.  We want men/boys to commit to non-violence and seek positive alternatives for conflict resolution.  “Real Strength” will empower men /boys with the skill set to navigate confidently through disagreements and confrontations.

Active Bystander Intervention

In certain situations neutrality may be beneficial; however there are some situations where leaders must be active.  “Real Strength” encourages active bystanders who observe conflict or unacceptable behavior to take steps that can make a difference.

Healthy Relationships

“Real Strength” aims to encourage relationships based in the principles of respect, trust and resilience.  So often, it’s easier to buy into unhealthy images of what it means to be a man.  We define Healthy Masculinity as the ability to recognize those aspects of masculinity that are harmful to the self and/or others and replace harmful and violent masculine attitudes and behaviors with compassionate ones that benefit men and others.

Being an Ally

“Real Strength” acknowledges the importance of men/boys partnering with women to promote gender equality.  Violence against women is not solely a woman’s issue to eradicate.  Men and boys who are leaders must be able to develop relationships across gender lines and be champions to causes that benefit women.

Real Strength will use life’s teachable moments to correct hyper-masculine behavior. These teachable moments coupled with mentors, allies and other leaders, noticing and commending good behavior will create the change needed in this community. There is no better time than now to be a mentor and no better time to show Real Strength.

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