Transitional Living

Blooms Place is a transitional housing program (TLP) hosted by Chrysalis. At Bloom’s Place, residents live in a communal environment in one house. Each family has its own bedroom space, but bathrooms, kitchens and common areas are shared. All utilities are paid by Chrysalis, and residents have free use of a washing machine and dryer. Monthly program fees are calculated at 30% of total income. Staff is on-site to provide support and assistance. Transitional Housing gives anyone that has been made homeless due to domestic violence or sexual assault, with some financial independence, the opportunity to thrive independently and still receive more support from our program. It is the bridge between shelter and independent living.  Individuals and Families can stay from 6 – 24 months.

TLP can provide:

  • Financial assistance for rent and/or security deposits (as eligibility and funds allow)
  • Advocacy and emotional support, including counseling and case management
  • Assistance finding and maintaining permanent housing
  • Safety Planning
  • Vocational and employment assistance
  • Referrals to community resources and services

In order to qualify for TLP you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a history of domestic violence (domestic violence victim or survivor) or sexual assault.
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be homeless as a result of actively fleeing domestic violence or sexual assault/stalking.
  • Have a verifiable and current source of income, sufficient to pay for all transportation, food, clothing, linens, hygiene, cleaning, and personal items for you and your dependents, plus your monthly program fees or percentage of rent as outlined in the application.
  • Ongoing residence in Transitional Living Program requires that the head of household must be able to “safely” live independently, as staff is not available 24 hours for this program.
  • Applicants are expected to follow an employment training track or educational track.
  • For Community Apartments, applicants must additionally:
    • Demonstrate enough income to support utilities, and other housing cost beyond “rent” or “security deposit” this includes furniture, utility deposits, pet deposits, rental fees, storage or other housing cost.
    • Have the ability to set up utilities independently. (if not possible please talk to our advocate staff about the issue)

Scatter Site Apartments (Grant Renewal Pending): Chrysalis also supports transitional living residents at apartments in the community. Chrysalis can sponsor up to three apartments at a time.  When those slots are full, applicants are automatically considered for Bloom’s Place.  Clients of our community apartments program find their own apartment in Meriden or Wallingford, CT and negotiate and sign their own lease. Chrysalis provides financial support to pay a percentage of the rent. Clients pay 30% of their income for the first 6 months, and increase their contribution by 3% every six months to a maximum contribution of 39% over the maximum duration of 2 years. This is designed to help clients gradually work their way up to affording the apartment on their own. Clients in community apartments have support from staff for case management, emotional support, and connecting to community resources.